About Us

Tiny House Community Development is a 501(c)3 Nonprofit organization working to develop tiny house communities throughout North Carolina. These communities will consist of 3 -10 units on individual lots. Tiny houses will be leased to residents based on their income and current situation.

THCD will work with local nonprofit housing organizations (CoC) that will assist in qualifying potential residents. Our intent is to create safe, permanent, affordable housing for those experiencing homelessness. We are currently working in Greensboro, NC High Point, NC, and Winston Salem, NC developing tiny house communities. Currently, we have one community built with 6 tiny houses occupied.


Board Members

Jeff Egerton, Board Chair

Aniruddha Deshpande, 1st Vice-Chair

Amanda D Myers, 2nd Vice-Chair

Doug Gentry, Treasurer
Jomar Pastorelle, Secretary
Brian Walker, Governance Comm. Chair

Paula Pierce,  Foam Recycling Steering Committee Representative

Mary Seigler, Fundraising Committee Chairperson

David Merritt, 6 years of service 

Mike Rollins, Information Technology

Beth Waters, 

Scott Jones, Ex-Officio 6 years of service


Scott Jones, Executive Director

Laura Baker, Office Manager

Vacant, Case Manager

Emma Holland, Street Outreach/Housing

Vacant, Case Worker Intern

Hasan Mohammed, UNCG  Design Intern 2021
Don Ames, Shop Foreman 

David Merritt, Carpenter

Vacant, Volunteer Coordinator

Past Board Members

Amanda Albert

Barbara Barker

Diane Boger

Kevin Carter

Bennita Curtain

Jon Dowell

Carla Fried

Doug Gentry

Elizabeth Gooble

Cameron Green

Teri Hammer

Kathryn Henry

Hilary Hughes

Walter Jamison

Zack Illig

Adil Inusah

Rene EnSprye Perry

T. Dianne Bellamy Small

Mark Stinson

Christian Ward

Claire Wilson

Audra Volpi

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Meet the Board​