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About Us


Mission Statement 

Tiny House Community Development's mission is to be a coalition of diverse individuals and local organizations who aim to reduce homelessness by engaging in public and private partnerships to create tiny home communities. Working alongside people experiencing homelessness, our goal is to encourage positive community engagement and foster an educational experience in a welcoming environment.

Vision Statement

To be a self-sustaining, nonprofit builder-developer of tiny houses that provides supportive housing, education, training and social services to individuals and families experiencing homelessness and impoverished to help them become contributing citizens to the community.  

Tag line

"Building Tiny Houses with Big Hearts"

"Providing a person, not only the keys to a house but the keys to success!"




Scott Jones, Executive Director/Founder

Laura Baker, Development Director

Kathryn Caso, Office Assistant


Outreach Coordinator -Justine Moton

HOPE Center Intern,

Case Manager, 


Project Manager,

Senior Construction Lead,

Construction Lead, 

Construction Framer,

Designer Specialist, Sahd Bayor

Volunteer Coordinator,


NCCER Construction Instructor, Scott Jones Executive Director

NCCER Construction Instructor, Mykhael Epps

NCCER Construction Instructor, Christopher Lord

Ending Poverty Success Coach, Stephanie Chapman



Paid and unpaid Internships are available 

Kelsey Lucas, UNCG Interior Architectural Design 

Joshuea Lindsay, A&T University Project Management

Board Members

Mike Rollins, Board Chair

Vice-Chair - Vacant

Jacques Pierre, 2nd Vice-Chair

Robin Jones, Treasurer
Paula Pierce, Secretary

Jeff Egerton, Board Member/Past Board Chair

Brian Walker, Governance Comm. Chair

Mary Seigler, Fundraising Committee Chairperson

Doug Johnson, Board Member

Jeff King, Board Member

Deanna Vernon, Board Member

Jennifer, Board Member 

Delois J King, Board Member

Board Member, Open

Board Member, Open

Advisory Board

Aniruddha Deshpande, Chair

Open Seat

Open Seat

Open Seat

Open Seat

Open Seat 

Open Seat

Open Seat


​                                                           Past Board Members

Amanda Albert,           Barbara Barker,         Diane Boger,            Kevin Carter,            Bennita Curtain,

Jon Dowell,                     Carla Fried,            Doug Gentry,        Elizabeth Gooble,       Cameron Green,

Teri Hammer,              Kathryn Henry,       Hilary Hughes,        Walter Jamison,              Zack Illig,

Adil Inusah,             Rene EnSprye Perry,   Christian Ward,         Claire Wilson,             Audra Volpi,      Doug Gentry,              Amanda Myers,        Amanda Myers,      Jomar Pastorelle,         Ken Egerton,

David Merritt,         Dianne Bellamy Small,

Scott Jones, Executive Board Chair, 2015-2020

Questions? Please contact us.

Meet the Board​ & Staff Memebers
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