Tiny House Community Development Inc,
Fundraising Projects
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  • Our Nonprofit is continuously building these back yard items as part of our Workforce Training and they are built by formerly homeless men. They are selling faster than we can build. It takes about 5 days to build each coop and we are now requiring 50% deposit so we can order the metal roof.

  • 6’x9’ $1,750

  • 6’x12’ $1,850

  • 6’x15' $2,000

  • Includes 4 built on nest boxes, 1” poultry wire, 2”x6” skid and eye bolts to pull it around. Extra add on’s Hardware cloth $100 Stain and painting run $250-350 Enclosed roosting area? $550 We can deliver for you.

Chicken Coops
Raised Garden Boxes

Raised Garden Box Fundraiser

  • 38”x96”x28” $225

  • 38”x96”x15”  $175

  • 38”x40”x28”  $150

  • 38”x40”x15”   $125