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Street Outreach
Street outreach involves meeting folks experiencing homelessness where they are at. This is incredibly important work designed to help establish supportive relationships, give people advice and support, and hopefully enhance the possibility that they will access necessary services that will help them move off the streets. Street Outreach Case Management, takes on unsheltered clients to guide them through essential steps, such as obtaining identification documents, supplies, healthcare access, mental health, and substance abuse counseling, and job and life skills training. Case Management, is a collaborative process of assessment, planning, facilitation, care coordination, evaluation, and advocacy in order to meet an individual or family's needs. Street Outreach Case Management gets folks on track to permanent supportive housing and self-sufficiency.
For Individual Case Management Services

Please contact Our Case Manager: 
Coordinated Entry
Coordinated entry is an important process through which people experiencing or at risk of experiencing homelessness can access the crisis response system in a streamlined way, have their strengths and needs quickly assessed, and quickly connect to appropriate, tailored housing and mainstream services within the community or designated region. Standardized assessment tools and practices used within local coordinated assessment processes take into account the unique needs of children and their families as well as youth. When possible, the assessment provides the ability for households to gain access to the best options to address their needs, incorporating participants’ choices, rather than being evaluated for a single program within the system. The most intensive interventions are prioritized for those with the highest needs.
Our Street Outreach works with the Guilford County Continuum of Care System, which leads unsheltered folks in Guilford County from community contact to housing. 
To learn more:
Partners Ending Homelessness.
If you are currently experiencing homelessness, please call the emergency hotline at (336) 553-2715

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