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Workforce Development Program 

THCD Workforce Development Program provides a 16to 24 week job training program for some of our clients experiencing homelessness that equips them with case management, job and life skills training, and a reference at the end of the program.  Workforce Development finds clients through our street outreach at “Breakfast 4 Our Friends” on Saturdays.  We look for people experiencing homelessness who need some supportive services and job preparation skills in order to find a sustaining job and housing.  THCD has both full and part-time positions where clients learn basic construction skills through building tiny homes, chicken coops, garden boxes, and condensing foam through the Triad Non-Profit Foam Recycling Project.  Along with construction basics, clients learn about banking, budgeting, and interview skills, and once they become housed, housekeeping and neighborhood living lifestyle changes!

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